NedWorks' Q4 Kick-off

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Strategy discussions, good food and great vibes were the key ingredients of last week's teambuilding. Astrid De Keyzer reports on how she experienced the two days with her fellow Neddies.

NedWorks' Q4 Kick-off

Finetuning the strategy
Our NedWorks kick-off started off with a lunch at Rico’s place, our local fixture at Spaces Ghent. With a well-filled stomach, we started with the numbers, accompanied by a strategic exercise to put all our Neddie noses in the same direction and to clarify our course for the future.

We agreed on how we want to be experts as a digital talent agency and provide outstanding service to all our stakeholders.


As icing on the cake, Sarah received the “Neddie of the Q” award. Truly remarkable, because as a newbie she has come out of the starting blocks like a true Nafi Thiam.


A remarkable lunch
Then we all drove to fashionable Knokke. In a well-known Italian restaurant we shared with each other exactly why we are "remarkable" (and also why not - we shall not mention this haha).

The guests at the tables next to us are probably still deaf because the volume at which we laughed was so high that we needed a finishing limoncello to make our vocal cords recover.



After a good night's sleep and a morning run for the sporty among us (2 colleagues to be specific), we settled in for a full breakfast. Our morning started at the Nelson hotel with meeting Freya, a cheerful lady who introduced us to Insights.


Building our team

Curious and full of expectations, we already began to assign colors to each other, which in retrospect were sometimes totally inaccurate.

It was eye-opening to get to know each other even better than we already thought, and especially to get to know ourselves even better.

Astrid De Keyzer, Talent Manager

We agreed on being a remarkable team, as we have a team with different profiles (and colors), which is not the easiest team, but it is the best one!

NedWorks Q4 Kick-off


As a final activity, we visited the exhibition of Helmut Newton, legendary top photographer. Photos full of Hollywood glamour, yet never superficial: totally in theme of our "female empowerment" two-day event.


I sailed home with a sense of togetherness, warmth and the feeling of being docked on the best team ever.


Q4, we're ready for you!

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