E-commerce Marketeer (Student Job)

Contract type
Work regime
Hi, do you see yourself being responsible for...
  • Implementing websites and webshops based on a predefined approach and playbook
  • Coördinating and doing the follow up with a portfolio of clients attributed to you. 
  • Updating and optimising Google My Business Pages
  • Welcoming clients and visitors to a (virtual) E-commerce village
... then read on, because...
With Google, NedWorks is partnering in a great project. The mission is to bring local business online and help them to do online business.   

Do you have…
  • (almost) a degree (marketing, digital marketing,..)
  • A good knowledge of using a CMS and marketing tools
  • Expertise in using Google tools (Gmail, Drive, Data Studio, Spreadsheet, Google Search Console, GoogleAnalytics, GTM, ...).
  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch OR French AND English, 
  • Available time in May, June and September.
Then apply here, because...
  • You will get the unique experience to work on a project with Google.
  • You will receive training and permanent guidance from experienced marketing and ecommerce professionals.
  • You will get a paid student contract.
Good luck!
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