In 2021 more than ever, businesses should surround themselves with the right partners

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As 2021 kicked off, it would be fair to say that we’ve seen a lot of digital evolution during this year. Whether it is the global implementation of remote work or the importance of having an online presence to maintain contact with clients, the role of digital in our lives has never been clearer. However, even though digitalization has helped us face a pandemic, it’s also involving a lot of challenges for both businesses and individuals. 

In 2021 more than ever, businesses should surround themselves with the right partners

What digital involves from a business perspective

For businesses, digitalization is a real challenge. What we’re seeing is that digital involves more complexity for organizations. Things are moving fast and they need to adapt to a quickly changing environment, 2020 is the best example. With the pandemic, we’ve seen digital evolving faster than any other year. 

What it means is that a business may have to work on a content strategy in March, then on an influence marketing campaign in December, all the while having to keep up with Google’s SEO updates and implementing remote work. That’s challenging. 


To face the digital transformation, businesses need digital talents who can provide them with the right digital skills. Most of any company’s success can be attributed to the talents who work for it. However, finding those talented people can be hard. First of all, as an organization facing the challenges of digital, how do you know which skills you need to keep up the pace? How do you know if you need a specialist in SEO rather than a specialist in content or social media? 


Second of all, once a business knows what skills it would need, how does it make sure to hire the right people? Not only those people must fit its culture, but synergies must also be created with the current team. 


That’s where partners such as NedWorks and Sortlist have a role to play. 


Thanks to our digital expertise, we can advise companies on which partners to hire. Based on the needs they share with us, we can orient them towards the most fitting partner. 


NedWorks can help organizations thanks to a pool of in-house consultants, while Sortlist can help businesses hire agencies in more than 26 digital expertises. Thanks to NedWorks and Sortlist, companies can hire the right partners faster without the risk of a mismatch, which allows them to keep up the pace of digitalization.


Of course, an organization should not completely rely on external partners but should also invest massively in its team’s skills. If you’re a keen reader of this blog, you’re already aware that NedWorks also offers in-house training for companies’ workforce in order to teach them the right digital skills.

What digital involves from a talent perspective

The impact of digital on talents and on individuals’ careers is quite clear. In today’s environment, one must adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement and learning. 

As technology is advancing faster than ever before, the way we work, and what we work on is totally unstable. What you’re doing today is different from what you’ll be doing next year, which is different from what you’ll be doing in five years. 


And the only way to stay relevant to the market is to make the effort of continuously learning and acquiring new skills. This is even more important considering the fact that digitalization and remote work have made borders irrelevant. Today, the pool from which companies can hire talents is global. Which means they have more choices to find the talents they want in their team. 


But while it’s becoming harder to keep up the pace, as an individual, it’s also becoming easier to learn. We live in an era where knowledge has never been as easy to access as it is today. Especially in such quantity. 


We’re seeing a generation of content creators that are sharing knowledge on every possible topic you could dream of, on multiple platforms directly accessible from your phone. 


You could become an expert in gardening through YouTube. 

You could improve your personal finances or learn about e-commerce through a podcast. 

You could learn about entrepreneurship through a newsletter. 


The list is endless! 


So while digitalization might be challenging for talents, it’s also the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to grow skills as individuals. And let’s say it: the perspective of seeing digitalization evolving so fast is also what makes the work environment more interesting than ever.


In conclusion, the digital wave is here. Both businesses and individuals must surf on it. 

The good news is that both can put strategies in place to succeed in that challenge. 


Individuals should adopt a continuous learning approach in order to stay relevant and remain capable of bringing value around themselves. 


Businesses should adopt a human and technology-centric approach. This means that they should take great care in selecting the technology and the tools that perfectly fit their needs. But they should not forget that at the end of the day, it’s individuals that will be operating this technology. And in order to maximize their results, businesses must hire the right partners. 


They can either work with individuals, which is what NedWorks does: connecting businesses with the right talents. Or, they can work with providers and agencies, which is what Sortlist does: connecting businesses with agencies in more than 26 digital expertises. 


It all comes down to this: technology and digitalization drive the pace, but it’s the people the organization works with that will make the difference.

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