Our mission.

We are a Digital Talent Agency. Our mission is to connect companies with digital professionals by creating people-centric solutions and building a community that inspires.

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How we do it.

We tackle this challenge by joining forces. With our community of digital experts. 

Together we aim to grow, just as rapidly as the digital world. Every day, each one of us becomes a better version of themselves.

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For digital talents.

We are committed to finding the assignment or job that best meets your career goals. That is our aim, day in, day out. And at NedWorks, you are never alone. As a NedWorker, you have access to our community, to assistance and coaching by our expert team.

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For businesses.

We are a community of more than 80 motivated digital talents. We see the rapid digital evolution as a series of opportunities. Opportunities to tackle your challenges based on a combination of Strategy, Resources and Learning & Development.

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Our culture.

NedWorks is built on solid foundations: our culture. A culture that is deeply rooted in all NedWorkers and in the company. It connects us and leads us every day.

Our culture reflects not only our approach to clients, it also illustrates how we organise our in-house activities: with a holistic approach where freedom, versatility and responsibility take centre stage. Every day a little more.


Our five values. 

Success isn’t given. It’s earned.


We work with great passion; we are eager to learn and we keep our promises. We believe that is the only way we can reach our goals. After all, it's hard to defeat someone who never gives up.

Truth fears no questions.


We are honest and open towards ourselves and each other. Honest about our intentions and feelings, and honest in giving feedback. Honesty is always the best strategy.


You can only earn others’ respect if you respect them yourself.

We always respect each other – anytime, anywhere. We are hard on results and soft on people. We are all human.

Invest in trust.


Trust is the basis for personal growth. And for results to be proud of. That is why we give our employees a high level of responsibility and autonomy – from day one.

Write your own story.


We create our own opportunities, make our own mistakes, learn, grow, enjoy, cry, laugh, fight and succeed. Each one of us is responsible for writing our own story – day in, day out.

Our team

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• You see the rapidly evolving digital world as a challenge.

• You have an entrepreneurial attitude.

• You are eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile.

• You are a digital whiz.

• You are excited to join a company in full growth.

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We aim to build on a world where everyone finds the strength to become the best version of themselves.

Camille Meert, Chief People Officer