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Keen to find out whether a job applicant really has the know-how and skills you need? A CV, cover letter and interview don’t give you all the insights you need. From SEO to display advertising and e-mail marketing – does your job applicant have the required skills and knowledge? Our Digital Skills Test can easily answer that question for you. It’s also a handy tool to give you an idea of the strengths of your team members.


How the Digital Skills Test works

  • Choose a test or create your own

    Keen to develop a customised test for your company? You can! You can select any questions that best meet your needs from our database, which contains over 1,000 questions. Alternatively, you can opt for an existing, validated assessment.


    The questions are subdivided into:

    • Categories.
    • Types (knowledge, insights or practice).
    • Experience levels (junior, mid-level or senior).
  • Invite participants

    Create an account and invite job applicants or team members to take the test. Or we can do that on your behalf.

  • Taking the test

    You decide when and where the candidate should take the test. The test should be completed in one go and the candidate cannot go back to previous questions.

  • Compare the results

    Has your job applicant or team member completed the test? Then they automatically receive a final report with a detailed description of the results. It goes without saying that you receive this report as well. That allows you to instantly compare the results with those of other participants.


    Did you opt for a non-customised, validated test? Then you can also compare the results with those of everyone who has taken the test so far.


Would you like to test the skills of a job applicant or team member? And are you looking for a handy tool that can help you?

Test your job applicants’ digital skills

Limit mismatches and attract the right skills to optimise your team! Our platform gives you access to several validated tests, but you can also develop your own tests. We have the largest dynamic database of digital multiple-choice questions (over 1,500) dealing with anything from web analytics to SEM, e-mail marketing, display advertising, social-media marketing, GDPR, marketing automation and much more. Once the test has been completed, you instantly receive a report detailing the applicant’s knowledge, insights and applied skills. You can view this report individually or compare it to the results of multiple applicants.

Get an insight into your team’s development

Access to the right digital skills is essential for organisations. Life-long learning has become the new standard, and it calls not only for a better insight into the required skills, but also for the development of those skills. At individual and team levels. Our platform allows you easily to measure, follow and benchmark the development of your team members.

Test your own digital skills for free!

Continual learning and adapting, that's the new normal. Definitely when it comes to all things digital. But how do you know what you should focus on? The Digital Skills Test allows you to test your skills, measure your progress or benchmark it with other talents. Are you a young talent and are you interested in finding out where your strengths really lie? Take our test and check out the result for a better insight. This way, we want to help you make the right choices in your budding career.

Curious for your score?

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29000 talents already completed the test.

78% is the average result so far.