How Samsung found the perfect fit for a social media expert

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"Could you help us find an experienced social media expert who would be as good a match for our team as the current colleague," Samsung asked us last summer. A challenge which we gladly accepted. After an intensive search via all of our channels, we found a worthy candidate. In September 2019, NedWorks facilitated the match between go-getter Kirsten and Samsung.

How Samsung found the perfect fit for a social media expert

Samsung Electronics is a global player in the field of consumer electronics. Who doesn't have a Samsung phone, tablet, flat screen or display monitor at home? The Korean company wants to excel not only at bringing new technologies and innovation to the market, but also as an employer to 64,000 employees worldwide, 240 of whom work in the Benelux.

High-value collaboration

Last year, the electronics company called in our expertise to find a suitable replacement after their social media expert decided to take on a new challenge.

This wasn't NedWorks' first rodeo. "Samsung Benelux has been working with us on a regular basis to find marketing professionals that are difficult to find. Over the past years, we have already placed several candidates with them," states Talent Manager Judith van den Borne.


“If a company gives us the trust to fill multiple vacancies, we will get to know the company and its corporate culture thoroughly. This allows us to have an even better idea of what's important and where the focus should be. Thanks to such an intensive collaboration, it's easier for us to find the right people for the right job.”


Looking for a niche profile

Last summer, Samsung asked for our help in finding an experienced social media expert. “During our first meeting, I took the time to map out exactly what Samsung needed. I asked many questions, so that I would have all the information needed to select suitable candidates," explains Judith.

Samsung was looking for a new colleague who had the necessary technical knowledge (Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, Pixels, Shopping feed, Snapchat lenses) and wanted to further expand their expertise in the field. Moreover, this candidate had to be a perfect match with their innovative corporate culture. Someone who is not afraid of swift changes, who's self-confident, and who can convince colleagues of the importance of social media in the marketing mix.


Judith: “A challenging assignment, because Samsung was looking for a niche profile. Being able to procure a successful match was definitely rewarding.”


Judith started the search for potential candidates in her own network as well as that of her colleagues. “Sometimes we find a match right away. Not this time. That's why I also searched our database of digital talents. At the same time, our marketing department posted the vacancy online and on our social media channels. ”


A successful match with long-term potential

After a thorough screening, Judith selected a number of candidates for an introductory conversation. “In my mind, I’d go through a checklist: does a candidate have the necessary skills? Are they currently available and would they be interested in the job and the company? Is the location suitable and does the salary match expectations?”

If all checkboxes can be ticked off, Judith invites a candidate for an in-depth screening. “During that conversation, we focus on the candidate's needs. What do they find important in their job? What are their goals and ambitions?"


Moreover, interested candidates will be presented with a clear picture of the role and the company of which they will become a part. “This allows them to make an informed decision about the role and to be optimally prepared for their job interview with the client. The focus of that conversation can be entirely dedicated to the role itself."


A match which ignites a spark

Following a thorough screening, Judith presented 4 suitable profiles to Samsung. Two of them were invited for an interview with the client. One candidate stood out: Kirsten.

“When I contacted Kirsten, she was looking for a new challenge which would allow her to monitor projects independently. She wanted to further specialize in social media and this expert position seemed to be a natural fit. Kirsten is independent, assertive, hands-on.”


During the first conversation, both parties just clicked. Kirsten had the right experience, possessed the required skills, fit within the team and lived at a managable distance.


The decision followed soon after: Samsung chose Kirsten because of her expertise and because she had the right soft skills. The fact that Kirsten is a loyal Samsung fan was a nice bonus.


“At first, it seemed a daunting task to find the right match. The specific job content provided me with a great challenge, but it all worked out! Everyone is satisfied with the result", concludes Judith.


Are you looking for a new social media expert as well? We're happy to help you find the perfect candidate.

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