Trooper finds Digital Lead to help them achieve their growth ambitions

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Trooper is a digital platform that enables associations to raise money as their members, sympathisers, and acquaintances shop online. To grow further, the start-up was looking for a digital lead to steer the expansion of the platform in the right direction. Together with NedWorks, the company found their perfect match.

Trooper finds Digital Lead to help them achieve their growth ambitions

The idea of this committed start-up is as ingenious as it is simple: members, sympathizers, and acquaintances who shop with participating e-commerce players via Trooper ensure that some of the money ends up in the association's funds. Everyone can raise money by shopping online. The online stores donate on average 5% of the purchase amount to the association through this committed form of affiliate marketing. 

Digital clairvoyant

To expand the digital platform further, Trooper called in NedWorks. Together, they went looking for a Digital Clairvoyant. 

Talent Manager Stephanie: "A great task! I noticed this immediately during the first interview with Elisabet Lamote, co-founder of Trooper. She started the online marketing of the start-up herself. Next, she engaged a digital agency to deal with website optimization and online advertisements. 


Because the start-up grew rapidly, there was also an increased need to expand the in-house digital knowledge and to accelerate digital innovations. In this manner, the Trooper team aimed to further strengthen its digital expertise." 


In-House Digital Expertise

“NedWorks has a strong network that allows them to find the right digital talents and the right partners to support us during this search,” says co-founder Elisabet. "That is why we asked them to help us find a digital lead who could develop a coherent digital strategy and further expand the digital component." 

Things happened fast, Talent Manager Stephanie remembers: "After the first meeting with Trooper, I immediately had a suitable candidate in mind." 


A few months earlier, Stephanie had spoken extensively with digital marketer Arne.  “Arne and I had a long conversation, during which he told me he was ready for the next step in his career. He was looking for a position where he could outline the digital strategy and take the lead in a digital process.” 


“The job as a digital lead at Trooper seemed to fit him like a glove. When I called Arne and told him about the job and his skills, I noticed that this was a really strong match. Arne possessed the right knowledge, and his personality would also fit well within the team. After a more extensive conversation, I introduced Arne to Trooper."


A golden opportunity

Digital marketer Arne had several years of work experience and was ready for a new assignment in which he could fully implement his expertise in the field of digital technologies. This goal-oriented and enthusiastic digital marketer was looking for a dynamic company in which trust is central. His broad experience with inbound marketing, email automation, SEO and SEA, and social media matched the profile they were looking for.

Digital Lead Arne: “Stephanie really understood what I was looking for. When she told me about this position, it was exactly what I was looking for. I am grateful to her. This match represented a golden opportunity.


This role enables me to implement my expertise optimally and grow further. And it's a match on a personal level as well. At Trooper, transparent communication, trust, and flexibility are central. These are things I personally attach great importance to as well."


Shifting Gears Quickly

Talent Manager Stephanie presented Trooper with several candidates, so that they could compare them: “I found 13 suitable candidates for this position. After a conversation with them, I wanted to invite 3 digital talents for an interview with Trooper. They were all suitable for this position, but Arne really stood out for me."

“When Elisabet confirmed that this was a good match, I advised her not to hesitate too long and really go for it. Elisabet agreed. I immediately sent Arne a proposal and two days later the contract was signed."


Arne is now working for Trooper. He is further expanding the digital strategy, addressing new target groups through different digital channels, and is putting the customer experience at the center by optimizing the digital user experience.

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