ProduPress and NedWorks: Translating strategy to talent.

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ProduPress is a Publisher and Advertising Sales house active in the automotive sector and the world of real estate. The company is leading the automotive media scene in Belgium and is in the middle of a strategic digital turnaround. To strengthen their teams and lay the foundation for the coming years, ProduPress reached out to NedWorks as their talent business partner in this digital transformation. 


ProduPress and NedWorks: Translating strategy to talent.

In this changing media landscape, ProduPress is preparing itself for the future and strengthening its position as a market leader in the automotive and real estate sector. In May the publisher called in NedWorks’ expertise to give advice on several digital, strategic challenges and related, to rethink the current Sales Director role. 


Guy Gelaude - NedWorks: “It’s all about having a good understanding of the business need and how this translates to your human capital. Matching the right person with the right challenge is more than having a discussion on former experiences and track record. It requires an open conversation with the leadership team on where the business is heading and scoping the skills of today and tomorrow while being aware of the company culture.  With ProduPress we had these open conversations, allowing us to draw that ideal profile that would play a pivotal role within the organization. Addressing our network with the required confidentiality and guiding the conversations were the logical next steps, leading to the appointment of Karina Jacobus as new Sales Director for Produpress.”

“Working with NedWorks, is working with a business partner that understands what happens in our industry but also has that connection with the market which is equally important. As partners, they joined us around the table, and helped us in crafting the scope and the role of sales director, while respecting confidentiality.”

Jean-Charles Malherbe CEO at ProduPress

NedWorks’ executive search eventually led to Karina Jacobus. Karina has a proven track record at companies such as Truvo, Bisnode, and Roularta, where she maintained multiple senior functions. Making her the perfect candidate for this opportunity.


“Thanks to the thorough approach from NedWorks I have the opportunity to combine my two passions: data and media advertising. NedWorks really understood ProduPress’ needs in this ever-changing digital environment and made the match with my experience in data management and advertising for a wide range of high-quality media brands”, says Karina Jacobus. 

Karina joined ProduPress on October 5 and Michel Mabille will ensure the transition until the end of November. Her assignment is to accelerate the transformation and respond to the latest market trends.


NedWorks wishes Karina and ProduPress the best of luck in the near digital future! 


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